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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Blogger's Best Friend

I'll tell ya what, I am definitely learning new stuff in this exercise. I am in the generation that totally fell through the cracks in terms of the internet and technology. Here's a scenario--when I started library school there was no internet as it exists now, but by the time I finished 18 months later, netscape was born and I was using it at my first (part-time) library job. Wanna laugh? One of my core competencies for technology in grad school was knowing how to FTP! I don't even remember exactly what that stands for, but I bet no one needs to know it anymore! Anyway, I am young enough that I grew up with some computer technology (I remember the old floppy floppy disks for PCs but I used a Brother word processor until my senior year in college) but old enough that I am having to educate myself on pretty much everything internet related, unlike every kid entering middle school these days. It's the reason why it's not second nature for me to explore all this new stuff on my own, so I'm glad to be led along through all these exercises.

Technorati was totally new to me, but I love the idea of being able to link a blog up to the bigger world so people know about it! I mean, why go to the trouble of blogging if no one but you is going to read it? Except for the whole cathartic diary-esque thing. But still. And of course, if you are blogging with a purpose, you really want to get people hooked up. I am not laboring under any delusions of people adding me to their rss feeds or anything, but maybe someone somewhere will think what I'm writing is worth reading, or at least more interesting than staring off into space. Of course this means that I have to go back and do tags for all my blog posts. Tagging is still not second nature to me, but I see the value and I've just gotta try to remember to do it! I'm a librarian, this sort of thing should be a piece of cake--don't we love subject headings?


maura said...

File Transfer Protocol.

i still ftp. le sigh.

great feedback liz! i found an old old box of photographs, from the 1950s and even earlier. likewise, i was going through a whole sleeve of prints from cvs one hour. how exciting of a time for us. we can still recall when you had to wait for your prints to come back, and you didn't know what they were going to look like. these days, we just click and look, delete if we don't like it, and move on.

there are digital frames now, to plug in a memory card and have the photos change. i thought that was cheesy, but now... makes sense.

ahh. the ch-ch-ch-changes!! fear of change is death!

Amy L. said...


Well, Marua beat me to "File transfer protocol," but I feel like I should just cut copy and paste this blog posting. I feel exactly the same way: I know how to do some stuff, but so much does not come naturally. We were so much on the technology cusp, and I feel like I am constantly running to try to keep up! Thanks for voicing those thoughts so eloquently. I love your blog!