I'm Liz, and I'm a librarian (duh)

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ta-da! I made it, number 23! I have really enjoyed this whole exercise, not only learning about all the new applications and websites and stuff, but also blogging and reading everyone else's blogs as they chug along. I feel like I have a whole new vocabulary now. And I am making a concerted effort to actually use all these new things, if not in my professional work then certainly in my personal life. Facebook is a big favorite, which is a surprise for me. I was so distainful of mySpace and never expected to like social networking, but there you have it. I also regularly subscribe to podcasts, which I never did before. And LibraryThing! Totally loving that. Most of all, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy about my blog. I know no one is reading it, except those of us in our learning exercises, but even so, it's been so much fun I'm thinking I may continue even now that I don't need to. You never know, the holidays are coming, maybe I can con one of my unsuspecting relatives into checking me out online.


maura said...

you are a superstar!! great job!!

i have enjoyed reading your blog entries as well. it has been a wonderful journey for me as well. and yay facebook!!

i read something that facebook is like the rolodex of our generation...

Amy L. said...

I just finished today, too! Yay. Thanks for being my "friend" on facebook. Facebook is way too easy to get sucked into, but a lot of fun to use. And guess what: one of my T-MAD kids poked me the other day! What fun.... I have really enjoyed reading your blog, Liz.