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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mental Note

This has basically nothing to do with learning 2.0 or libraries, but I wanted to officially have this somewhere, so next year when Christmas rolls around I remember the horror and don't make the same mistake twice. If anyone who knows me hears me say that I am going to have my daughter's picture taken at some mall studio for Christmas, for god's sake, stop me! Especially if I say it after Thanksgiving! I spent two hours in the studio yesterday for a 15-minute photo session and about 15 minutes of looking at the proofs and choosing poses. I thought as a children's librarian I had probably seen the gamut of children and parent behavior, but this was eye-opening even for me. All I can say is, whatever the photographers working there make, I hope they're getting big holiday bonuses.


maura said...

so, it was a great fun experience, right?!

Amy L. said...


Just spend the money on a really good SLR camera and take the pictures yourself. It will save you loads of stress and you will end up with nicer photos--I promise!

I love your blog, by the way. Very funny, and thoughtful. I think mine is pretty dull by comparison. Maybe when I am done with 2.0 I will find time to blog about books instead....