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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Doesn't he usually go down the chimney?

In the unlikely event that anyone reading this doesn't know where I am, they will now because I think my library is located in the only town around with this particular event. I speak, of course, of the traditional event where Santa rappells down the tallest building in town along with Rudolph and some other celebrity daredevils (I hear that last year, Rudolph's girlfriend was there). Why do a boring old tree lighting when you can watch Santa hang off a building? The thing that cracks me up is that everyone in town loves this--it starts in 20 minutes and people are all lined up to buy their commemorative $12 balloons and whatnot, despite the fact that it's freezing out, not to mention intermittently snowing and raining. Maybe it's the thrill of wondering whether he'll make it down in one piece that draws the crowd. Or, more likely, maybe it's special guest Jose Feliciano--all I have to do is read his name and I'm singing Feliz Navidad for hours. See, now I'm so distracted by humming the song that I lost my train of thought. Maybe NYC will catch on to our popularity and do a nightly rappelling event in Rockefeller Center instead of putting the tree up. It would be a greener thing to do (no cutting down ancient trees), and possibly more ecumenical, since they could rotate representatives of different faiths doing the dangling.


maura said...

oh liz.

i hope you keep writing in this blog, because you are pretty hilarious.

but geez, what a bizarre thing to do. santa does not rappel down large building. no no no! the first time i saw the fire department or whoever practicing in the morning i nearly died! i was all confused and thought someone had tried to hurt themselves or something!! augh!!!

Reblogga said...

I know everyone secretly hopes he will fall. I have no doubt that the public gathers just in case there is a red velvet and white faux fur pile at the base of Landmark. And if Rudolph leads the way, so much the better. People are sick. It's the traffic and the shopping that makes them homocidal.