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Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally, Something My iPod is Good For

Actually, this title isn't really fair because I love my iPod and it's really good at the thing I most want it to be good at, which is playing all the music I love. But there was some initial disappointment after finding out that I wouldn't be able to take advantage of the library's free eaudio books. Ah well, the benefits have outweighed the drawbacks all in all. But here's how dumb I am: until I really sort of started looking into podcasts (what they are, how to access them, subscribing, etc.) it never occurred to me that they are really kind of what iPods are made for. I mean I never wondered what the "pod" in iPod stood for, but the penny finally dropped--you know, what makes it different from an mp3 player. It's kind of cool to have a device to watch/listen to for portability's sake. The train has totally gotten me addicted to all these audio gizmos, and I'm willing to try anything, so this is one more way to spend my tedious commute. It'll only become a problem if it starts cutting into my books per week average!


maura said...

if your books per week average is more than one, we need to have a talk.
because i am averaging two to three a month. this needs to change.

podcasts are amazing! one of my favorites is this american life! i would always miss the broadcast, but now i get them on my computer and can listen anytime i want! and they are the perfect length for a train ride or drive into the city.

Reblogga said...

Hee! Baby steps Lizzie! Baby steps!