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Monday, October 29, 2007

Liz 2.0.1

Before I got ready to write this entry I did a little reading online about Library 2.0, because I wanted to get a real definition of what the term means. Probably like everyone else who works as a librarian I get a lot of non-librarian guff from people who think they are funny and say things like, "Librarian, huh? It's all about computers now, soon you'll be out of a job." Har dee har har. It's been ten years now, and that joke is still funny. What I learned from my reading is that Library 2.0 isn't just about technology, it's about the evolution of libraries and how we change in order to stay relevant, which isn't something that just happened with the advent of computers, but has been happening for decades, if not hundreds of years. True, technology means that we change quicker now, but I like the "constant beta" philosophy--try something, and if it doesn't work, or if something better comes along, then nothing is carved in stone and you tweak, or adapt, or totally drop it, whatever. And by the way, as the trucks and trucks of returned books in my department will attest to, books aren't going anywhere either.


Reblogga said...

Amen Liz! I too, am very excited about the constant beta concept. And that user input has value!

maura said...

beta all the time!!

it is a scary idea, as many people become comfortable in status quo. but being flexible and able to evaluate, assess, and change are key skills moving forward.