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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I don't feel the Flickr

It's becoming apparent to me that by the time these 23 things are accomplished I will have 23 new accounts I have to keep track of usernames and passwords for...not so psyched about that. After having introduced myself to flickr (I am proud to say, before beginning the 23 things), I think it's a little less useful to me than some of the other technologies/applications. Maybe it's just because I am not really a photographer--I take lots of pictures, but usually they're all of my daughter with or without various other family members thrown in. In other words, not exactly Photography Today material. And, because my daughter is the subject of so many of the pics I don't feel comfortable posting all the pictures publicly, so I have all sorts of layers of privacy so no one can see them except the people I allow in. So for my purposes, flickr doesn't do much differently for me than, say, costco.com, which is where I have been storing and sharing all my online photos. Okay, I know, that pretty much outs me as the sad example of lameness that I am. But I never claimed to be cool in any way, so this is just proof. Anyway, flickr also seems to assume that I am doing all sorts of editing to my photos before I post them, which is just not the case because, well, see above.
I have done a little exploring of some of the flickr mashups, which I will admit are kind of fun, but in a sort of I'm-sure-I-can-find-something-else-to-do-for-five-minutes, non-essential kind of way. It was interesting to see how many different representations of the letters "L" and "I" flickr could come up with when I went on a "spelling with flickr" site and asked it to spell "Liz the Librarian," for instance. But you know, jeez.
I guess my main appreciation of flickr is for seeing what great photographers other people are. A few weeks ago I saw some fantastic photos people had posted of Oktoberfest in Munich, and I guess it could be a way to see people's travel photos without the boring commentary. Maybe a more charitable way to say it would be, good for armchair travelers!


maura said...

flickr isn't for everyone. and often elicits the strongest reactions, both for and against.
and one of the main concerns is privacy, allowing photos of family and friends, and really private celebrations to be displayed out there on the world wide web. i like the layers flickr has, and i certainly take advantage of those.

have you printed photos from costco? how are they?

Amy L. said...

Liz, I am totally with you on this. Flickr is way fun to check out other people's pics. But for my purposes the former "ofoto" otherwise known as kodak does just fine, and since I already have all of my pics on there, why bother with the whole flickr thing. Not to mention the security issues of pictures of my daughter. And I am sooooo sick of new passwords and usernames!

As for the quality of the pics, Maura--I don't know about costco, but kodak's prints come out really nice, and they deliver them either to your door or to your local CVS or a variety of other stores. So, personally, I am sticking with kodak.