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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


In case anyone is interested, I almost made it to November without further mechanical mishap until yesterday, when the brake line in my car sprung a leak. To date, my car is the biggest thing I've ruined in October, so next year I am totally living in a yurt for 31 days. Of course with my luck the yurt will have wireless internet access, so maybe that's not such a good idea. For now, I am hoping that my poor beleaguered husband can fix it in time for me to drive to Canton tomorrow for a meeting. I could try it without the brakes, but I did that last night on my way home from work and it was just a little too much of an adrenaline rush hurtling down 95 at 70 mph in the dark and I'd just as soon not try it again.


Reblogga said...

A yurt!!!! Oh my god, I'm crying reading this. You should have been blogging years ago!

maura said...

glad you made it to canton okay...

i am into this yurt idea as well.. i might finally make a dent in the ever growing list of books i would like to read.